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I’ve been working out much of my now half-century plus on this planet and have truly loved it. I  cannot imagine going without exercise and the great benefits it provides.DSC_4175edits400px

Over these years, I’ve learned a lot of things that work, some that don’t, and how to get the most out of my time and energy in helping to ensure a healthy, strong and vigorous body. My faith undoubtedly plays a role as well, perhaps the greatest one.

Most of these years I’ve been doing home workouts, but I’ve especially focused on variety and independence from the gym (including barbell and bench) for the last decade. As a result, I’ve learned a great deal about how the body responds to home exercises and how to get the most out of each movement. I’ve also gained far more enjoyment from all the variety that freedom from the gym has provided me.

My motivation to keep improving is, like for most of us, at least partly driven by events in my own life that have provided the fuel for my efforts. I lost both of my parents fairly early to severe maladies, and these experiences taught me not to overly trust conventional medicine, as
many good things as that arena can accomplish.

It’s far better, in my opinion, to do all you can to maintain maximum independence, and you do that at least partly through highly effective (and safe) exercise.

The further step to that freedom and flexibility is to be able to get great workouts at home, not having to rely on someone else’s facility, your time and transportation getting there, and the hope that the stations are freed up enough to get your exercise in. At home workouts provide
you the ability to exercise whenever you want, and without needing access to the latest “super gadgets.”

As noted, these last roughly ten years have given me great opportunities to learn how to get the most out of home workouts and I in many ways love exercising where I live far more than I do at a gym.

After so many years of learning through doing and then becoming a certified personal trainer, I desire to impart as much of that knowledge as possible to others. I seem to be blessed with an ability to train a variety of folks, and I can do so at your place (if you live in the Dallas-Ft
Worth area) or online wherever you live (via Skype).

Nothing matches personal, customized attention and instruction, but I believe the information on these pages will help guide you toward your greatest home exercise experience. I have several more articles in store and will continue growing this site to benefit as many as possible.

Whether you’re young and just starting out with exercise, or you’re more “seasoned” and want to ensure your “ageless vigor,” it’s never too late–or too soon–to take those first steps. May this site and especially the heart behind it bless you in your health-related endeavors.

Bert Hancock

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