Physically Thriving and Your Identity

Many of us hear “you need to exercise!” and we kinda nod in passive agreement, but we often lack the passion to follow through, sometimes to even get started. It’s pretty obvious, though, based on the many New Years’ Resolutions that fail after a few weeks (or at best, a couple months) there’s more to it than simply having a general realization that being physically fit is to your advantage.

each year starts with new resolutions that often falter shortly after

each year starts with new resolutions that often falter shortly after without an ID change

Is it because you are unsure of just how beneficial it is to your health and well-being, or is it because the message just isn’t reaching your inner self, the passion that drives you to really undertake the journey to fitness?

Quick Fix Fizzle

I think a lot of us are looking for quick fixes that require very little effort, and these often backfire, if they even work at first. You hear time and again about people getting on some crash weight loss program and then not only regaining the weight before long, but being heavier than when they started!

often how we feel for weight loss or any kind of goal

often how we feel for weight loss or any kind of goal

Too, I think many of us realize deep down such “get it now” programs don’t truly work. We just don’t want to face that as a fact of life. We, deep down, crave and need to have something that energizes us internally. You know, on some level, that true success comes when you possess passion for something, because even the process becomes an enjoyable journey. The results merely  act to reveal the right path.

Desire: The First Step

As my “About” page notes, part of my motivation comes from seeing what happened with my beloved parents, who both passed away too early and under horrible conditions (not that death is ever pleasant). It left me with a greater determination to take a path independent of the conventional medical, at least as much as possible. Freedom is within our grasp a lot more readily than we realize. We’ve been conditioned to believe in conventional medicine more than we should.

I think I also am motivated internally by my coming up short in playing football as a youngster for the school. I tried out but was largely too skinny and my wiry frame seemed to hold me back, whether that was physically or just psychologically. Whatever the case, I didn’t fulfill my biggest dreams. As an adult (well into middle age), there’s still a passion for in some way resolving those unfulfilled goals.P1000268

Belief: The other critical component

My faith has increased over time as well, that faith not in myself, but in God thru Christ. Some of you may balk here, and that’s obviously your choice. But I speak from actual experience and not just book sense or study. He sustains and empowers me. I don’t have anywhere near all the answers and never will, but the journey is definitely a progressive one, filled with some stops and starts but also greater joy.

On that note, He has shown me that we never can really be as effective in our actions until we first embrace BEING who He has us designed to be. I believe all things emanate from within far more effectively than simply battling things out while traversing up the mountain. I think, though, this latter is what most of us do—we try to change what we’re doing through pure willpower but fail to be “born again,” to see ourselves as “new creations” like He sees us who have come forth to be renewed.

Uphill Battle vs Calling

I state this from a perspective of someone who, until very recently, continually sought that harder path of self-determination, willpower and raw effort without really embracing a new me. It’s the opposite of how many of us move—we often try to will ourselves into something we want to accomplish without willingly having ourselves cleaned or renewed from the inside out. Spiritual growth and victory is, though, an “inside job.”

You may well be able to start and maintain a highly effective and fulfilling fitness program through sheer, long-term willpower (whether home workouts or otherwise). I just believe, through my own deeper thoughts and experiences, that you’ll be far more likely to succeed long term if you’ve internalized the process. The more said activities are tied with your own I.D., the more powerfully you’ll take to them.

When objective and identity meet

When objective and identity meet

You were born to be highly special in a way deeply unique to you. The more you’re able to attain that identity, the far more powerfully and sustainably you’ll be able to walk out the steps needed to succeed.

That may not include physical fitness to such a degree that it’s your calling (as it is mine), but your body is vitally important, and integrating your physical health into your own life’s special path will only produce greater attainment in any journey you’re taking.