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What is Ageless Vigor?

This seems like an ideal topic for my first blog post. Some even think the term is too close to Viagra—though I suspect the ever-popular virility drug adopted its name in part from it.

The now departed but always great Jack LaLanne, the epitome of vigor at any age.

Vigor, however, to me means energy, vitality, and life. This is mostly in the physical realm as to my own path and calling; but it relates big time to an overall approach and attitude toward life itself.

For this blog and my training philosophy (see About page for more), it particularly means physical vitality, enjoyment and thriving via a wide range of at home exercises you can choose from. Your level of thriving and energy may be less than someone else, but that’s not the point. Where you are only matters in that your starting point may be a little different than another, but where you end up depends a lot more on what you desire from your inner self.

Your vigor, for instance, can be badly suffocated by fears, anger, worry, and great amounts of stress in general. But it will be boosted enormously by joy, abundant health, childlike curiosity, new learning, love and embracing others and life as a whole.

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7). You must opt in your own heart to choose freedom and fitness. The temptation to fall in line with the majority these days is both strong and surrounds you. How many choose that easier path, flopping on the couch for endless hours, nary getting more exercise than walking to and from the car, into the office and back to the car and the like?

The fruits of fitness far exceed merely looking better for yourself and others—though that’s certainly one advantage that you can enjoy. More importantly, it provides you a platform from which to spring forth with more joy and ability to live more fully in so many ways. What a contrast to the continually increased disablement we see in so many around us, who become more obese, more dependent on others (doctors, friends, family) to do things for them or, at minimum, lacking the ability to do for those around them.


“Ageless Vigor” simply means taking the reins at any age and moving toward greater independence and freedom, even if that’s just a small step or two initially. This blog will deal with both the idea of fitness freedom and how that is aided by freedom from the gym via home workouts. You’ll be armed with all the info you need to maximize your own vigor from the convenient confines of home.

Too, I focus a lot on safety within highly effective exercise. It’s hard for you to be full of vigor if you’re injured. The more sound your exercise form, the obviously greater the benefit and long term strength, stamina, and energy

One side note: Not long ago, I knew nothing about WordPress or writing/creating a blog. But since I knew it would be vital to the success of my training business, I ventured out—armed with just my simple knowledge of computers—and dove right in. I even sought the help of a friend who has a background in marketing; he’s volunteering some of his time to help guide me through the process.

So another word of inspiration to you: as you begin your own journey towards developing a healthy “ageless vigor”, you may have to become a student of health, nutrition, and physical fitness—and learn a few new things along the way. And I advise you to find a close friend or family member who shares your goals and work through the process together.

 “The journey of a thousand miles begins with taking the first step”. If this information has even mildly motivated you, I applaud you for taking a first step.

Here’s to your new Ageless Vigor!